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Just curious to know how long it took individuals to study and pass the and obtain the GCIH certification after attending the SANS training ..while at the same time working at the bare minimal 40hrs a week ....? Just curious and I am aware everyone has circumstances and study habits that might differ a bit. I attend the training this month.


  • YFZbluYFZblu Member Posts: 1,462 ■■■■■■■■□□
    It depends - When I went to the training, I was already doing IR under the SANS response model. So I didn't really spend extra time studying after the conference. I think there were a few sections I reviewed but I'm pretty sure I took the exam within 7 days.
  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,927 Mod
    Unlike YFZblu I didn't have formal Incident Response duties when I took SEC504. Still, a lot of the material wasn't really new to me as I've touched it in some way throughout my career. Finished the course Nov 2013, didn't touch the material again until Jan 2014 when I started indexing. Spent a week and a half indexing, then a few weeks going over the OnDemand. Took the test mid Feb 2014.
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    I am in an situation where I take the course and test within the following week, not recommended as it takes longer than that to really absorb the information. The key is the practice tests, if you received them, use them to gauge if you are ready... Ensure you have a good and validated Index and that you know generalities. You will never ever "feel" 100% ready for any test, but the goal is feeling comfortable with the material..
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    If I recall correctly, I went through 504 and took the exam in about a month.
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    I did the OnDemand. I was juggling work, family, new baby, etc so it took me 3 months total.
  • chaser7783chaser7783 Member Posts: 154
    Took the GCIH class, indexed the books, took a practices test and sat / passed the exam within a month.
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    Thank you so much. I start Sunday. I am excited! In the email it suggested bringing a rolling bag for books and stuff so I'll go to walmart in a few days. I assume ill get the practice exam after I pay for the exam attempt. I will pay for it before class is over. Have to let my account rebound from the almost 5k out the pocket (some people understand). I will attempt to post everyday starting sunday..."attempt" depends on my studies and how zzzzzz I am. Thanks again
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