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Hi guys,

For example,

I took GCIH in 2012 which expires in 2016.

Then I took GPEN in 2013.

Can I submit my GPEN as a recent certification to renew my GCIH in 2014 thus pro-longing its expiration date to 2020?

Thank you.


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    I believe 1) you can only renew within the last two years of the certification and 2) if you're going to use a training class or an accomplished GIAC exam, it has to be done within the last three (or two) years of the original cert that you're renewing. There's a difference between renewing with a training class vs. getting a new cert it seems.

    In your case, if you took SEC560 it might work as long as it's within three years of the GCIH expiration. Passing the GPEN takes that to within two years of the GCIH expiration.

    I'd check with the GIAC if you need clarification for your specific situation. I need to renew a few myself and I have to re-read how the renewal process works.
    Hopefully-useful stuff I've written:
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    Hi Dorice,

    Thanks for the information.

    I think I might not be able to renew my GCIH with GPEN since i cleared them on Nov 2012 and May 2013 respectively.

    However, I am going to attend a live training course soon and it comes with the exams option. So can I renew my GPEN with the 36 CPE from live training course (3 years prior expiration to qualify for live training) and at the same time when I cleared the exam somewhere in 2015, I can use it to renew my GCIH (2 years prior for submitting a recent certification)

    Hope it is not too confusing..

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