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What is the purpose of a line analyzer ?

What is a line analyzer?

I am thinking that this is a power line analyzer. but everyone likes it a lot to be general.
Why don't they say power line analyzer?

Look at the question:

Question 22: (QID=1923)
The purpose of a line analyzer is:

1. To warn of line surges
2. To warn of line sags
3. To warn of voltage spikes
4. To power the computer during power failures

it is not specific enough, and you can choose only one answer:
But if it is a power line analyzer, than it shoud warn about line surges, line sags and voltage spikes.

I feel that these type of questions verify not your knowledge, but the ability of guessing.

I thing that computer is about precision, not about quessing. And iti should be like math, where 2+2 always 4.
Why is the questions on the exam soooooo shaky?


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    Welcome to the site :)

    The question is very similar to what you may see on the exam. A+ is a general exam, not necessarily a precise so don't think to hard about the questions.
    What is a line analyzer and it's purpose?

    Device you plug your line into to determine if a singal can travel down the wire (or up the wire).

    It wouldn't need to be 'powered' other than a battery in the device to generate a signal.

    I'm looking for the question, but I cannot seem to locate it. Which test is it from? A+ or possibly NET+? We have 3 Core A+ and 1 OS??
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