MTA 98-365 Value

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I'm thinking about taking the 98-365 exam for Windows Server. I'm a bit confused about the new MTA track.. I hae my 70-680 exam, but now I see there is an MTA 98-36X for the Desktop OS...are these MTA exams even worth getting? I don't have any true cert to say I am qualified on Windows Server, is that something this exam would help me get, or is it mostly laughable? Is the 70-410 a much better cert to get instead?


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    This is probably one of the harder MTA certs to get with the OS MTA cert being almost laughable. As a starter I don't think it would hurt to get it with the end game being an MCSA.
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    OK, well nice to know it might provide some value. Is there any crossover between something like the 365 and the 70-410 or are they completely different tracks?
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    Could you recommend any good study books? What server OS is this based off of? 2008R2 or 2012?
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