Ever get stuck on one particular technology?

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Have you ever gotten so engrossed with something that it really took over your interest (work related)? I am currently and have been experiencing this for a while now.

How do you manage that, do you force yourself off of that particular technology or do you continue to deep dive? I tried to get back into PM methodologies etc but just can't seem to stomach those books anymore. I just recently banged out a PM study guide for work (Six Sigma) and was so happy to get back into the technical side. I find it hard to switch gears all the time, it gives me stress and anxiety.

For me it's just working in the technical aspect and continually trying to ramp up. It seems the deliverables are always contingent on the technical components anyway.

Don't get me wrong if I had the opportunity to perform account management or sales I would jump on it, but then I wouldn't be expected to provide any technical skills.

I suppose it can be risky and pigeon hole you if you don't watch it.



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    Not work related, But when I first discovered Linux and Open Source Technologies that was it game over man :)
    has been a passion / obsession since Windows for me just pales in comparison I get alot more out of learning Linux.
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    As long as you get paid to work with that particular technology, it doesn't hurt to keep diving deep and become and expert in said technology. You will reach point of fatigue though, that's when you take a break or learn something else. I see it as a valuable experience, and all skills are somewhat transferable in my opinion, so it's all good.

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    I have found this at the various companies and agencies I have worked for. At some point in time a tool or systems falls on your lap and for better or worse you dive in deep. Generally I've found this to be beneficial if nothing else then it keeps my research and general learning skills fresh. Plus I'm still in the figuring out what I should do stage so diving into a technology that is interesting and allows me to at least focus on something (as my current work situation seems to push me in 100 different directions at once) is a good thing.
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    Guys thanks for the follow up. My insecurities are showing!

    I just get concerned not because the technology I am deep diving is going away, but because I am neglecting other technologies or methodologies etc. Have you look at job requirements lately for positions for 100,000 or more? It's like you almost have to be a genius to obtain all those requirements. I realize they are weighted even though on the req they look the same, but still........

    That's my concern.

    Obviously the skill depends as well. SME on some in house prioritary system would be BAD. SME on an SAP module would be good. So I realize there are other factors as well. But still even SAP, Windows whatever can restrict you in other areas.

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