Review on iNet+

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For your reference let me review this exam

Against my expectation, meticulous questions were not shown in my test. For instance, HTML tag details, JavaScript grammar, image map, or frame structure. Or network port numbers, say, SSH suites 22, Kerberos 88, or PPTP 1723.

Among tag issues, I was asked a <META> option. I assumed the "refresh" a key issue but not such but pairs of bites for search engine,
that is, name="keywords" content="xxx" and name="description" content="yyy".

I guessed that approximately 10 to 20% was from A+ and Network+. I remembered answering exact or quite similar questions before.

In general, this test is set to ask basic skills and knowledge on Web related technologies. So Web tribes, who might be scared of the lack of actual server or network experiences do challenge this exam. You have good chances.

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