Are there different types of CCNA, MSCA, etc?

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I'm sure this question has been asked, and I'm sorry. However, this question has been slightly confusing me ever since I started my IT work two years ago.

Everyone always says, "Get your CCNA." However, I don't see one ultimate CCNA, but multiple CCNA's in different areas. Same for other certifications.

Do they mean the routing and switching CCNA, or do they mean getting a CCNA in every one of the categories they have for it? Or am I missing some god CCNA?

If someone could clarify to which CCNA they are referring to, that would be great.


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    I see there are different CCNA's, but I do not see one specific "CCNA" without another noun attached to it, like "Security" or "Voice".
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    IMO unless you're going to go into the networking field or have an immediate use for it at your place of employ I would get other certs before I got a CCNA (routing and switching is the one you'd get).
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    CCNA Routing & Switching is the 'main' CCNA
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    This really goes back a few years before they tweaked the paths and names a little. The R&S CCNA used to be just CCNA and you had to get that before you could get any other CCNAs.

    Although it is no longer a prerequisite for things like CCNA Security or Voice it really serves as a foundation since anything you do to push packets around will have routing and switching components. The CCENT serves as the foundation cert now, but through inertia if nothing else the CCNA R&S is still widely considered THE cert to get if you want to show you are into networking.
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    As said...just saying CCNA people are referring to R&S. That is now changing to actual CCNA:R&S for the name but that's what they are talking about. It can be a bit confusing because the tracks have changed but essentially it lays the foundation for other certifications from Cisco.
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    When folks refer to getting your MCSA, they're most likely talking about an MCSA in a Windows Server product, either 2008 or 2012.

    The different CCNA's can be found here:
    Associate Certifications - IT Certifications and Career Paths - Cisco Systems
    And the different MCSA's can be found here:
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    I got certified on the old reliable CCNA 640-802 back on 30 Sept 13 which was the last day it was available. When I got my certification (and according to Cisco's website), I was certified as a CCNA R:S. Just one of those little things, I guess...
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    keitaro wrote: »
    IMO unless you're going to go into the networking field or have an immediate use for it at your place of employ I would get other certs before I got a CCNA (routing and switching is the one you'd get).

    I'm not sure I agree with this. I didn't personally end up getting my CCNA until I had been working in IT for almost 5 years, doing mostly System Admin/IA work, however once I did begin studying for the CCNA I realized it was something I should of done long ago. Granted many of the commands and things of that nature aren't things you will use daily if you don't directly work with networking but the knowledge you gain in relation to R&S/Networking is something that really lays a solid foundation for working in the IT field regardless of your concentration IMO.
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    Thanks for all the information, I understand now :)
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    Since you did mention MSCA in the title, I'd like to ask, what do you expect from having both certifications within a short time? Do you want to be an allrounder or do you think that those certs are related to each other?
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