Passed the GCIH yesterday

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Long test but not too difficult. Took SEC504 back in April at SANS in Orlando and scheduled my exam for the last day of the time period allotted me. Built my index with info from the books, added in the **** sheets (Win, Unix, Netcat, IH survey, IH questions) as well as a list of common ports. The internet at the testing center dropped when I was on question 69 and they had to reboot the computer. It came back up to the same question but the time that the connection was down was taken off my clock. They were able to add the time back to the test so I didn't lose any. Not a major problem but it did break my train of thought. Ended up with a score of 88% which I am OK with but wish I would have gotten to the 90% mark. Overall the SEC504 is a great class with a well thought out test. Good luck.


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    Congratulations! And good to hear that the testing center's failure recovery plan was a success.
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    Congratulations - GCIH is a fun track
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    Congrats! 88 is an excellent score for such a challenging exam!
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    Congrats! I really enjoyed that course.
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    Grats! I plan on tackling this as well. Any good pointers?
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