Masters Degree in InfoSec/Online/Accredited By ISC2 and CNSS

determinedgermandeterminedgerman Member Posts: 168
Hey Guys,

I need some help! I am looking into starting my Masters Degree in Information Security. I am looking forward to do all my classes online and the college or university should be accredited of course and the program should be approved by the ISC2 and CNSS. I know jdmurray you are working on your degree @ Cappella. I wanted to pick your brain on who it is going so far and how do you like it? Did you research other colleges/universities? Why did you pick Capella?

Is there anyone who has any experience with this? Any helpful URL's?
I would really appreciate it if someone could offer some advise on different universities and colleges you picked if you are pursuing the same degree.




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