Proof-Reading VMware related tech guides?

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Finally got my act together and cleaned up the mess which is called a website ;)

I always had my own internal KB but I thought I may as well put it public.

Now me being not native English means I'd love someone to maybe have a quick read - I say quick - it is a lot - before putting it online.

I am not the blogging kind but I do love writing guides / KBs etc.

Site is currently focused on cloud stuff (vCAC, vCD) but also has articles like vCO, vSR and soon hopefully SRM.

Anyone fancy having a read and comment before releasing it? I am fairly confident that my English is usually good enough but I done all that within a few days, sometimes 5-6hrs a day, hence there is a bigger chance mistakes have been made.

Not sure what the rules are here otherwise I could just post the site and login but feel free to either comment here or PM me or mail to


I'd appreciate not just comments about spelling and grammar of course but technical content too.

I am still working on it so I think I'd be handing out the login sometimes next week.

My own knowledge base made public: :p


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