2 hours to install Mint on my Netbook

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Wow I suck!

Props to you linux guru's.

I must of partitioned my drive 6 times lol. The good thing is I finally got it installed. Atom Processor, 2 GB of RAM, and thankfully a SSD drive and now I am set up. I must say the OS runs incredibly more efficient than Windows 7 Starter UGH.

I'm not sure if you learn more reading a book or by googling your tail off, but obviously installation are more fun than reading, technology.

Thanks again for recommending this OS TE. So far so good!

Hey at least I know what GPART is now. LOL


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    Did you use any guides or internet resources when you installed?
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    "When in doubt... Google it" icon_lol.gif
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    you speak like if it was an achivement. Was it really a challenge to install Mint? How many next, next, next did you click? :D
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    Now do it all over again :)

    Any notable struggles you'd like to share? Dont be shy!
    Documentation is an ongoing process, and maybe you could help make someone else's experience less frustrating .

    Was there something missing from the instructions maybe a keyword that would've made the partitioning process "click" or
    Did you encounter some exotic condition? Do you have unique hardware?
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    It took me a long time to install Debian on my Macbook a while ago too. For me it was less about the installation (hitting next, next next) but getting the USB to boot and to play nice w/ Apple's version of EFI. While troubleshooting, my Googling pointed me to new utilities that were supposed to be great, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to work them. Then decided to take a stab at older, depreciated utilities that ended up working perfectly and easily.

    I can def see it being a problem on a netbook as well.
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    Yeah I burned the ISO to a disc and for some reason it would install but it was a bad install, eventually it worked (several tries). It was the 32 bit Cinnamon Edition. Like DoubleNN mention netbooks are problematic with certain installs of Linux. I Googled this as well :)

    Then I wasn't sure how to partition the drive exactly. I Googled that information and it provided the correct partitioning specs and then the install completed.

    It was more than next - next, although part of it provided an installation wizard. I was unable to set a mount point until I was able to partition the drive.

    http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=122276 I used this for partitioning the drive.
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    I didn't read the article, but guessing that the default partitioning scheme failed didn't work out well for you?
    which is why you opted to manually partition the drive ?
    ... and , if you recall, what were some of the symptoms of this "bad install" ? missing packages ? or strange error messages when you tried to launch something (browser? or file system manager? )
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    Correct the OS wouldn't mount the ISO files until the partition was correctly done. The experts on that site suggested not to go with a default partition anyway, which I obviously ended up not doing.

    It was fun and I always like tinkering with Operating Systems. They are always a lot of fun.
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