Landed my dream job in Networking!

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I don't post as much as I used to but I do frequent this site. It has a great community and resources. I just wanted to post this here to thank you all for the advise and help. Also, for those out there still trying to break into your field of choice, don't ever give up. The opportunities are out there for those that put in the time and hard work.

For the past couple years I've been doing help desk roles, which I enjoy but don't want to do long term. I self studied and passed my CCNA last August. Since then I've been getting more and more network type experience in my current position. A good friend of mine is a consultant and spends his days configuring networking equipment. Well, he forwarded me an email he received from a recruiter. Seeing as he is sticking at his current employer, he put in a recommendation for me. I spoke with the recruiter and long story short, I landed the position! I am officially a Cisco Consultant! It is a dream come true for me! It shows that it is good to keep in touch with friends and others in the field. Network with people and use sites such as LinkedIn to get your talent out there. My employer is putting me in an 18 month training program and are investing in me to get my CCNP. It has been a goal of mine for a long time and now I am going to be paid to study for it! The big pay increase is also very nice. I am joining the Routing and Switching team. I met the engineers who I will be working with and they are all down to earth and eager to train me. There are even a couple CCIE's on staff. This is just such an amazing opportunity and I feel truly blessed. I wanted to thank everyone and encourage people to keep up the hard work and studying. Eventually, someone, somewhere will notice.


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