Day of exam - how to mark questions, etc.

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Good evening all! I am scheduled to sit for the CISSP next month and have a couple practical questions regarding test day.
  1. How do I mark the questions I want to come back to? do I just have to write down the question number on my scratch paper? Or is there a way to manage it online?
  2. Will I have access to all 250 questions until the 6 hours are up?
Just wondering about that...these are some issues I dealt with taking the GRE and would just like to have a strategy in mind before going in. icon_study.gif Thanks!


  • aftereffectoraftereffector Member Posts: 525
    You can mark questions in the test software and then review them later. Yes, you will have access to all 250 questions until the time runs out or you end the exam.
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    Yes, you can "flag" any questions you are not sure about by clicking the flag icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen while taking the exam. When you get to the end of the questions (as well as at any time during the course of the exam) you have the opportunity to review any questions you have flagged or that are incomplete, as well as those that are not flagged or incomplete. The test engine gives you the ability to review the incomplete only, flagged only, etc. A good practice, for questions you are not sure of and plan on flagging, is to narrow down the answers to the two you think it could be (this is usually not too difficult) and put the letters for those answers in the comment section provided for each question in the exam. This can help you to quickly pick up where you left off and have to re-read and consider all the answers again.
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    thanks! that really clears it up!
  • kabooterkabooter Member Posts: 115
    so does it mean that once I choose A,B,C,or D, I can NOT modify it later?
    Also does it mean that I can NOT flag a question which I have answered but want to revise later on?
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    You can mark them and flag them. I flagged 21 questions on my test but also entered and answer for them in case I ran out of time. I ended up changing 3 of those so yes, you can mark them AND flag them and you can go back and change them before you finish.
  • kabooterkabooter Member Posts: 115
    removed unnecessary quote from reply

    Thank you
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