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Hello TE members,

My Network+ exam is scheduled for August 30 and I feel like I am ready. I am using the Exam Cram book and took the test and scored 982/1000 on the practice live CD that was included.

Are there any final tips that anyone can give me as I continue to prep for the exam? Are there any paid/free resources such as practice exams that I can use that would be a good supplement to study and practice before writing the exam?

I am not too sure how relevant the Exam Cram practice test questions will be compared to the exam, because I find the Exam Cram questions to be incredibly easy.

Hope someone can give tips and help!

Cheers to any responders.

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    I would be interested in finding out as well as I am taking mine on September 8th. Like you I am using the exam cram and going to use Professor Messer. Good luck!
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