JNCIX-SP, here I come!

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So I've finally ended up at an ISP who doesn't have any Cisco equipment at all. Most of it is Juniper.
My plan is to climb all the way up to JNCIE-SP, starting with the JNCIS-SP. I have an MX480 that I can use for lab purposes, so I will be looking to create logical systems to simulate the topology from the JNCIX-M books.

My reading material will be the following:

JNCIA-M/T Study Guide
JNCIS-M/T Study Guide
JNCIP-M/T Study Guide
JNCIE-M/T Study Guide
JNCIS fast track study guides
various study guides from juniper courses that I have attended

I will be starting by going through the JNCIS-SP study guides on the fast track and building a topology of logical systems on the mx480.

My plan is to write up my study experiences here, documenting interesting stuff and kind of use this thread as my blog I suppose. I've enjoyed TE for a long time, so I want to keep the info here in the hopes that it will help others on the same journey! :)


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    Good luck! My advice would be to try and get your hands on the official course ware for the SP classes from Juniper. AJSPR, JVP, JMR, etc. All good stuff. Even better if you can get your company to send you on the training!
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    Now I've covered the first half of JNCIS-SP Study Guide Part 1, and I really enjoy the style and the way information is presented. Lots of examples that I can try, and pretty easy to digest too.

    I am using Anki to create flash cards and quiz myself periodically on these. I try to add cards with both configuration examples and the more traditional good-to-memorize type stuff like metrics and preferences, martian addresses etc.
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    Good luck.

    I second getting the courseware. That is what I've been using when sitting JNCP exams.

    Also you might want to consider the JNCSP-SP. Look forward to discussing JNCIE topics with you!

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    Now I'm done with part 1 of the study guide, and it's definitely good stuff! Very targeted. I printed out the exam blueprint and am checking off topics as I go. I have also been reading a bit in the old guys by Sybex which are truly excellent. Finally, I just got the MX Series book too, but haven't looked at it much yet! :)

    I might look into the JNCSP-SP, depending on when I get done with JNCIP-SP as that's a prereq.

    Thanks for looking at my thread!

    On to part 2!
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    Hi PsychoFin,

    Would you be so kid to share the study guides you used if you still have them?
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