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I was wondering if anyone has been in this same situation. My class changed to online due to low enrollment. The book is MOAC non R2 and you create an MS account and use your access code. The instructor said he would try to answer questions by email. He is not familiar with 2012 just 2008. There is a worksheet we complete but it is timed. You only have 10 min. for clean install, 20 min. for upgrade etc. and answer questions. Not sure if that worksheet is the manual that you get with your book and access code.

Considering exchanging my sealed book for R2 version, dropping the class (would only be reimbursed for 70%) and continue on my own. I checked with MS labs on line and you get 120 min. for each lesson and you can redo any lesson for 180 days. Not sure if there is any benefit from this online college class when you can do it on your own.
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