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Hey everyone. I have been studying for my CISSP for a while now and I am planning on taking the test before too long. My question is, where do I find an endorsement after (assuming) I pass? I have worked with and for numerous companies, vendors and other businesses and I have yet to physically work with a CISSP. Or at least no one I have worked with has ever admitted to being a CISSP. It appears they are like the unicorns of the IT industry icon_lol.gif. Does it actually have to be someone you know? Or is there another way I am missing. Thanks guys.


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    It doesn't have to exclusively be a CISSP who endorses you. Any holder of an ISC2 certification in good standing (meets CPEs and has paid annual dues) can endorse you. ISC2 can endorse on your behalf if you don't personally know a ISC2 certification holder in good standing. The instructions should be on the email they send you upon your passing of the test.
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