Passed SSCP 28/08/2014

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Hi all,

I have passed SSCP today. Quite a tough exam as compared to the numerous UNIX/Linux exams I have attempted before. Well the plan is to go into Information Systems Auditing, so I will be going for CISA now. And thanks to you guys in the forum, because as silent as I was, I learnt a lot from the posts. I remember someone said something about H.323 in here, and oh well...

Material used was Darril Gibson's AIO, It is enough.




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    Congratulations! Yeah, H.323 caught me out too. Not going for CISSP?
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    How much time did you spend studying and what is current occupation?
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    Congratulations on the pass.

    I plan on taking this exam in a little over a month. How was it difficult for you?
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    No. I would like to go for CISA. CISSP is tempting but I dont have the required years of experience.
  • MmapeoMmapeo Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I studied for a little over a month now, working as a SNR Systems Administrator.
  • MmapeoMmapeo Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    SSCP Is a weird exam if I may say, from how the exam was structured it was more of policy than technical implementations. Having been born in the September of the Morris worm era, I thought I would find more Malcode & Activity, Cryptography and Access control. It was a tough exam though, and what makes it worse is that they dont give out the final mark, you dont really know whether you KILLLLLLLLLLLED the exam or you just KILLLED the exam. :)
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    Dumela tlhe Mmapeo. Congrats on the pass icon_cheers.gif
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    Hi all,

    Forgot to update you on my SSCP progress. After the exam [after passing the exam :)] a mentor of mine endorsed me for SSCP certification and I was certified as SSCP on the 26th September, my birthday (PII), on that day I received a mail to say "Your ID card and certificate will be shipped to the address above within eight weeks".

    8 weeks though?

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    I am using the Darril Gibson AIO for study right now. I am doing well on his practice tests after each chapter, is this a good source for gauging yourself if you are ready for the test? If not, what practice test should I take to gauge myself? I am reading through the book and am taking notes on what I am not understanding so I can go back and double check myself and then will skim through the parts I already understand but just to fact check myself.

    Any input on practice test in the Darril Gibson book would be of any help and any other source would be awesome too. Thanks a bunch!
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    newjack wrote: »
    Any input on practice test in the Darril Gibson book would be of any help and any other source would be awesome too. Thanks a bunch!
    I used Darril's book and whilst I would say it is by far the best book for SSCP, the questions are not intended to prepare you for the exam, they are intended to check if you have understood the content of the chapter. Many of the real exam questions will be much more difficult than those questions. I would recommend using StudiScope's SSCP questions or ISC2's official iPad app. See this forum post for a breakdown of study materials I used for SSCP.
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