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Hi folks,

I had a question and I thought who better to ask than this CISSP forum. Since passing the CISSP I find that I have the option of working as either a security auditor or an ids analyst. I have experience in both almost equally. Which do you guys feel is more in demand and which do you feel will be the position that will be around for a long time?


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    Sounds like you should really think about whether you would like to be in a more technical or more business-oriented role. It's personal preference, really--with the recent realization from business that security is directly related to your bottom line, as well as reputation, I believe both will be in demand for quite a while. Both are good positions for those who are incessantly analytical, but I would think security auditing requires a bit more paper work--however IDS analysts do have to prepare reports as well. In terms of pay, I would think security auditor would be around 25-30% higher than that of the IDS analyst, or more, depending on the organization. That's my two cents.icon_thumright.gif
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    What kind of security auditor? What are the duties?
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    That would be government security compliance audits. It would include some vulnerability scanning.
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    My wife has 4 years of network software test/development 13 years before and now wants to take CISSP exam. Will this prior work experience satisfy CISSP certification requirements. Can you get CISSP certification without recent work experience? What are the prospects for entry level positions in bay area?

    Thanks in advance
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    To elaborate more on Jd post. It would be a government auditor such as in NIST/RMF and doing vulnerability assessments.

    @rramen sorry I don't the have answer to your question. To check if your wife's software engineering is applicable to the cissp it would be best to email isc2 and ask them.
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