2nd Attempt more overwhelming then the 1st

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Hello All,

You may remember my posts from June and July where I just missed out on my 1st attempt of the CISSP with a score of 692. It took a few weeks to get over this and get motivated. I really wanted to try to take the exam in 30 days from then but 2 months have now passed and still have not found the motivation and will do sit down and study religiously like my first attempt.
I feel like time is slipping away and that I am retaining less and less that I knew 2 months ago. I lost my father 3 weeks ago and had to put things on hold but the CISSP is on my mind every day.

I have my printout of weak domains and am trying to tackle the weakest but obviously those are the hardest for me so I do get a little discouraged.

Came across this line yesterday and I am guilty 100% of this:

“With so much information at our fingertips on the good ole World Wide Web, it’s easy to overwhelm yourself with more knowledge than you can apply. You read e-books and blogs, participate in teleconferences and coaching sessions, and join user forums to talk about getting things done.
One of two things happen as a result: you spend more time planning to act then acting, or you devote minimal energy to multiple plans instead of committing to one solid approach. Instead of drowning in all the data, why not narrow it down and start again from a less overwhelming space?”

As more time goes by I feel like I have to start studying completely from scratch. Would appreciate thoughts from those that have had to gear up for a 2nd or 3rd attempt.

Thank You


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    First of all, my condolences on the passing of your father. Dealing with that kind of personal loss will understandably derail one's life let alone their study plans.

    Second, don't beat yourself up for not retaking the test already. Yes, common wisdom is to retake the exam before the all the facts you memorized the first time begin to slip away. But that is just general advice - if all things are equal, take the exam sooner rather than later. But in your situation, with your father's passing and probably other facts, you're not ready to do that. Doesn't mean your lazy or dumb or uncommitted to becoming a CISSP. If you lack the mental energy to retake the test, wait. If you still feel wiped out from your first go-round, wait. No point in taking the exam if you're not mentally prepared.

    As for your comment about spending more time planning to act than acting - hey, you are not alone. I'm guilty as charged as well, and trust me, it's a big club! Lots of folks do that. The first time I read the BCP module, I had no freakin' idea what it was talking about, so I read the BCP chapter in AIO, Conrad, the CBK, SANS Mgt, *AND* the Official Review Seminar! I then went online and download a crap load of BS 25999 presos and general BIA articles. My personal notes for the module are now 76 pages!! Did I really need to dive this deeply? No. I would have been better off allocating much of that time to other units, but I have a habit of over-preparing. I hate Google - it keeps churning up new BCP presos that I'm then forced to read and take notes on!! :D

    My advice is if you're burned out, don't take the exam, but don't disconnect from preparing for it either. I once read an article about a body-builder who had won multiple awards and was known for his preparation and hard work. They asked him, "What's the single most important piece advice you can give to someone who wants to move up to the next level in their weight training routine". I expected him to give some workout routine or a specific exercise he recommends, but instead, he said "Be regular about going to the gym. Doesn't matter what exercise you do, just don't break your routine." He went on to say that even when he was sick and physically couldn't work out, he still set his alarm, went to gym and just hung out there because he wanted to stay in his routine. I think that advice applies to studying for this exam. You can back off, you can delay the retake, but don't disconnect. Keep it in your routine otherwise one missed study session becomes two, which becomes 10 and the next thing you know the books haven't been open for 6 months.

    Some folks prep for this exam in 3 months and finish it in 2.5 hours. Good for them, but if that's not you (definitely not me!), don't let it get you down. I have more respect for people who fail on the first try, pick themselves up and try again. That's actually harder to do. So next time you're down on yourself, don't forget to take pat yourself on the back for not giving up.
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    I could not agree more with Spin Lock... and my sincere condolences on the passing of your father. It is well with you.
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    Sorry about your dad. Best of luck on your next attempt.
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    My deep condolence to you.

    Since you are in critical position now, I think this is not the right time to give CISSP exam. Take some time and try to become confident about the exam before thinking about giving. For CISSP exam, understanding of core concepts is utmost important. Already you have good material in hand, try to put continuous effort on study. Try to practice more and more questions and analyze the incorrect answers, like what is your answer and what is correct answer and read explanation by referring the material and update your knowledge base.

    I have cleared the exam on 30.06.2014 and I was also very nervous about the exam, but with the grace of god, I could pass the exam on my 1st attempt.

    All the best.

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    Good Morning,

    Wanted to post a quick note that I sat and successfully passed the CISSP exam on Friday. It is a great accomplishment. I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement. Having only missed out the first time by 8 points it was tough to refocus and regroup.

    I will post a more detailed post with what I did between my first and second attempt. Endorsment next!

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    My 2nd attempt is in December so hopefully I pass too.
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    Great news. Way to go Gene!
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    Very nice... congrats!
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats! After passing today I have HUGE respect for those that fail it and have to go through that all again.
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    To practise out on the Cissp questions, dilemma in between transcender and cccure...
    which one should I subscribe? If anyone who has passed the exam and willing to transfer the exam account to me at a good price..
    i will consider to pay for it.

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