Anyone here work / worked for Lockheed?

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I recently found a position at Lockheed Martin that fits me perfectly, so I went through the process and submitted my resume, etc. That being said, does anyone have experience with them (ie. how long before they might contact me, any tips for getting my resume noticed, ect). Also, the position I'm looking at requires TS clearance, is that normally something that I can get after the fact or do I need it up front?

Thanks in advance


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    JasonXJasonX Member Posts: 96 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Getting a callback for a position which requires TS when you don't have any security clearance is pretty slim. The background checks are costly and they likely can filter through numerous candidates which already have the required security clearance where they won't have to shell out money to complete yours.

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    RaisinRaisin Member Posts: 136
    Depends on the contract the position is for. Well funded contracts will often be willing to hire someone without a clearance assuming you have a degree and qualified for the position. Still like JasonX says, your chances are probably not that great without already having a clearance.
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