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I have about 7 years of "jack of all trades" Network admin experience. Want to get some certifications. Was wondering what would be the easiest and quickest certifications to get. Would it be Network+, Server+ or MS Windows Server 2008 (which is what I'm using now) and take the 3 tests to get certified?


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    Network+ should be pretty easy for you with your experience. Windows Server 2008 (assuming you are referring to the three-exam MCSA) is much more difficult than Network+, but if you want to expand your credentials in server administration, I'd recommend pursuing the MCSA and MCSE. If you would prefer to work on the networking side - routers, switches, etc - I'd recommend pursuing the Cisco, Brocade, or Juniper certifications that correspond to the equipment you work with.

    Net+ is probably the fastest and easiest certification to get but you may not find that it gives you a lot of return on your investment.
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    Welcome aboard. Easiest and quickest id not necessarily the best path. First questions you need to answer is where do you want to go and why are you looking at certs. Are you looking to validate knowledge? Want to leverage them for better salary? Perhaps position yourself for a better/different job? Once you answer those we can recommend stuff.
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    Study for the job you want not the job you have.
    If you have 7 years networking experience you should be looking at obtaining the CCNP R&S or the Juniper/HP/Brocade equivalent.
    If you work with mostly servers than a MCSA/MCSE or RHCSA\RHCE would be good
    For Virtualisation than the VCP from VMware is the way to go.
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    I am looking at another position that is basically the same thing I am doing now. IT everything guy with no specific discipline. Don't have any idea what certs they would be looking for. Business is not off the ground yet. I need to know if coming in with Network+, Security+, and Server+ would be better or worse than taking the 3 MCSA exams for server 2008/12. I guess I want a business to see that I know my stuff because of the certs. I'm sure my experience will probably trump all of the certs anyway.
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    Don't waste time on Comptia unless you're doing government work. Do MCSA and CCNA then VCP and maybe EMCISA and you'll be good.
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    any other opinions on this? Is it just me or do the comtia certs just tell the why on things and the microsoft certs actually are the hands on doing stuff certs?
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    Also. Is the microsoft MTA exam 98-366 somewhat like Network+
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    Well, with that sort of experience, the only Comptia Cert that will make sense is the Security+ and or the CASP. The Server+ only makes sense if you're doing warranty work for Dell, HP, or Lenovo (since this is a basic requirement for supporting their devices).

    If you're a MS shop, I would just move forward with MCSE 2012.
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