Has anyone taken 70-298?

Has anyone taken 70-298 lately?

I was on the fence whether to take 70-297 or 70-298 to complete my MCSE. I figured I would go the security path since I already have Security+ and it would only take one more exam, 70-299. Is this a wise decision or just a waste of time?


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    Take 70-298. 297 is an EXTREMELY rough exam. I know ppl who know Server 2003 real well and can't pass that exam. A friend of mine comes to mind, Roger Grimes (instructor and author), he passed but I believe it took him a few shots at it. Not so much that it's material is hard, but the time you're given vs the time you need.

    I never took 297 but thats what I was told. I did however take 70-298, it was actually the last exam I took to get my MCSE:Security (took 70-299 before 70-29icon_cool.gif and it was tough in itself, but I passed it on my first try if I'm not mistaken (it was well over a year ago).
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    I powered through the ExamCram2 and having very little trouble with thier case studies I scheduled the exam. After reading your post I may have taken the exam to lightly.

    Oh well, wish me luck my exam is in 2 hours. tick tick tick.
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    Good luck. If i remember correctly and they haven't changed the format. Even with 70-298 you have very little time compared the 2000 equivalent, 70-220, with 70-220 you have way more time for each case study (I think it was a total of 4 hours for the whole exam).
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    Passed with plenty of room to spare. 70-298 was one of the most enjoyable tests yet. It's basically the high level security engineering aspect of 290, 291, 293, 294. I found a few tricky questions with the answer buried in the case study.

    All in all, big fun.
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    Nice! Congratulations.
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    nice job, this is one of the exams in my track, it's good to hear people talking about it
    get back to studying!!!
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