2nd CISSP Attempt

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Any "second timer" here?

Why did I fail my CISSP? Here are the WHYS:

1. Too tired for study after all the crazy traveling! Traveled to 3 different continents one month before the test!!! Almost boarded on MH17! Go figure!!!
2. Couldn't concentrate and therefore couldn't get the gist of core concepts of each domain.
3. Because of (2), I didn't have enough knowledge to answer the scenario-based questions. Got the right mindset (think management) but poor knowledge base.
4. Second guessing myself in the test.

What should do I next?
1. Set a date for retake.
2. Write all the questions I can remember from the first test and figure out what went wrong!! I can remember at least 40% of them!!!! icon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gif
2. Change my study method.
  • I will study AIO first as Shon Harris explains the concepts well. I can stand it this time because I want to pass.
  • Since I am a visual learner, I will learn from the diagrams and charts so I will pay attention to those things.
  • Once I finish study half of a chapter. I will attempt some questions at the back of the book to keep myself motivated.
  • Study Eric Conrad's 11 hours.
3. Practice, practice, practice.

If this is your second attempt, let keep going!


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