IPSec (VPN) knowledge

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Hi Guys,

Which resources would be good to gain a deeper understanding of IPSec (VPNs)? I have some real world VPNs deployed and I'd like to further strengthen my knowledge to troubleshoot them better? What did you guys use (in preparing for the CCIE)?


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    I would start at the rfc and go from there
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    My work flow was:

    1. Read the chapters in CCNA Security OCG for a gentle introduction and wrote a blog post where I summarized most of the information.
    2. Looked at what topics were covered in INE's RS workbook.
    3. Researched each topic using the web, Cisco documents and the first 4 chapters in IPsec VPN Fundamentals (not a great book for beginners*).
    4. Wrote some more blog posts.
    5. Solved the labs in the INE workbook. These were for the most part very easy after the previous steps.

    This brought me to what I believe is a high beginner or low intermediate level of IPsec VPN understanding.

    *It goes too deep into crypto technobabble from the get go. Not an impossible read, but you'll need a high pain threshold to get through it, and it's unlikely that you'll get a lot out of it.
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