Anybody know UEFI?

brooklynzoo81brooklynzoo81 Member Posts: 13 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hello all.

Recently i got a Dell XPS 13 from work, and noticed that it has the option for UEFI. Now being that i got my A+ back in 2001 and with the rapid change in technology i am still in the BIOS age for now. All of my home machines still use BIOS and since this ultrabook has UEFI what better opportunity than to learn now about it now. Can somebody guide me to a proper website or share their experience with it? I am looking to do a dual boot with Windows 8.1/Ubuntu x64. So far googling and youtube have only shown me very little how on to actually set this up properly. When i enabled UEFI it shows the Windows boot manager as the only boot option and that's it.


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