Passing Percent on Project+?

Cisc0kiddCisc0kidd Member Posts: 250
I am doing my final prep on this test. I know passing is 710 on a scalle of 100-900. What percentage is that? About 70%? Thanks!


  • Cisc0kiddCisc0kidd Member Posts: 250
    Passed with 775. My prep was the Sybex Comptia book. Felt like their was a fair amount I knew and a fair amount I was making educated guesses on. I had the same experience with Security+. To answer my own question passing percent is about 65% or so. No hard number because of weighted questions and beta questions that don't count on your score.
  • mokaibamokaiba Member Posts: 162 ■■■□□□□□□□
    There is no percentage. You need exactly what you have already stated, a 710 on a 900 scale.

    If you really want to insist on trying to convert a weight-scored exam to a percentage-scored exam, think of it like this.

    710 -> 800
    900 -> 1000
    800 / 1000
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