Failed ITIL RVC Exam :-(

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Hi All,

I hope you well, I wrote my ITIL RCV Exam today and I failed icon_sad.gif got 21 Marks. By Question 5 i was only left with 15 mins and clearly didn’t do well in the remaining 3 questions. Aside from that I feel like I have a good understanding of the study material and I could make sense of everything in class and also the fact that I deal with Release and Deployment and Change Management on a daily basis. But clearly I'm missing the plot cause I FAILED.

I wrote my foundation in 2011 and I passed very well the first time through self-study, but now I failed this exam after attending a 4 day class.
Just looking for your advice in terms of what I need to prepare the next time, are there any books out there that I should take a look at that will help me, also not sure how long I need to take before I re-write my exam?

Many Thanks,


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    Hi Nkhumalo

    The first thing you need to do is talk to your training provider. They should have an exam report that shows you which syllabus areas you scored well on in the exam and which were weaker, to help you revise. They might also be able to provide you with some additional support.

    It sounds like the exam technique might have been an issue if you were running out of time at the end, so look at your performance on the sample papers too - did you find the same problems? Was there a particular area you struggled with? The Service Transition sample exams cover many of the same areas as RCV so you could ask your training provider for those for some extra practice.

    You shouldn't really need any extra books in addition to your course material, although doing the recommended reading in the ITIL core volumes can help.

    I wouldn't recommend you leave it too long to re-take the exam (2-4 weeks is normal). Finally, don't second guess yourself when you re-take it - I hear from some delegates who've talked themselves out of the right answer on a re-take.

    Good luck!

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