Linux ACL v Microsoft

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Does anyone use linux ACL in the real world ? Most of the googling shows up old pages and programs to manage them are few and far between. Should I not use them ?

With Active directory, this kind of granular control is one big reason that Microsoft is irreplaceable to many organizations or so I have heard it said.

So how do you best manage large amounts of users in Linux ?


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    Of course you can use ACLs on linux and connect Windows and Linux systems via (for example) Samba.
    But you can also use IPA Server and authorize users on Windows LDAP and use the linux groups and ACLs to provide access to all your resources.
    IPA Server will be the answer (not full replacement) for AD-related tasks.
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    We use acl on a Samba PDC and is working pretty well. We have windows and linux clients.
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    IPA/IDM is a pretty powerful directory service. Recent versions allow full trusts between AD & IPA, so they can inter-operate pretty well together.

    To be honest, I have not used ACLs to allow individuals access to files/directories much in production, but my job is outside the scope of the day to day sysadmin stuff.
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