Moving On *Quitting My Job*

KernelXPKernelXP Member Posts: 51 ■■□□□□□□□□
Well I've decided that I’m going to resign from my job. This is due to the school/college I work for are reducing my hours, and after Christmas they’re looking in to further reductions.

My current work load is supporting staff, students, repairs and maintaining servers, network etc. They expect me to do all this with just over 20 hours work time, this is unrealistic.

At the beginning of this year I registered a business name, so this is good timing. It’s time to escape from the unrealistic demands that the bosses expect from me. Plus they only care about the profits and don’t give a damn about students or the staff.

However I will remain professional and do the right thing, though I am so tempted to tell them to *enter swear word here* icon_twisted.gif
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