Lab It! Scenario idea. Need opinions

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I have an idea for a thread but I wanted to get a feel for the level of interest there is first. There is obviously people on these forums that are more than willing to help new or even intermediate people that are learning with their studies. I have noticed though that instead of answers the people with questions are more led to find the answer themselves which I absolutely love.

This brings me to my idea. I think it would be very beneficial to have community members post scenarios that could be labbed in gns3. Really could be as short or simple as the poster wants. Solutions could be posted here.

For me the perfect scenario would be something that is able to be completed in about an hour or two and forces someone to think about the scenario but obviously not impossible. The point is not to try to trick everyone.

What does everyone think about this and is it something anyone would be interested in? We could do one daily or just have a lot posted and referenced when a solution is posted. Lot of ways to do it and I would like opinions on how you would like it done too.


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    I'd love to see something like this get motion. My time is extremely limited but I would like to try to contribute as much as possible.
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    Tried this a while back, got a lot of views but not a single post XD.

    Would be awesome if we got this going for CCNA/CCNP material though considering this is my current focus atm. Best of luck I'll definitely be contributing to this forum, would be great to see it work.
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  • Scorp6Scorp6 Member Member Posts: 56 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Seems like a bit of interest. What are your opinions on how it should work? One scenario daily, as many as people will post and simply reference the one that was attempted or what?

    Thanks for the response. Maybe we can finally get something off the ground.
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    Have done this years ago (I'm way old) on another site. I have a real hardware CCIE lab and would be glad to help and I need to keep my skills sharp as I'm between jobs. Will help unless I get a new job tomorrow, this is a great site trust me
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    Sounds cool in theory but seems not many have time or are really interested enough in learning. I have offered live access to equipment and received little to no interest. At the end of the day, to each his own.

    Give it a shot, you can always try.
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