Passed the C|EH Today; Some Thoughts for Those Struggling

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So I passed the C|EH today with an 82. Not the greatest, but I'll take it. A pass is a pass, as they say. icon_cheers.gif

Here's what I used to study:

Skillport (which is apparently the authorized EC-Council material) - I watched each video once and went through a module a day if I was able. I took the practice exam that came with it, but there was A LOT of material that wasn't covered in the modules.

Matt Walker's CEH AIO 2nd Edition - This book and the accompanying CD were fantastic.

Some thoughts on the exam:

The overall exam was well done, there were very few grammatical errors. I was apprehensive, especially considering the official material was rife with grammar and spelling issues, but it was better than some of the CompTIA exams I've sat.

I will say that the material is not enough. You need to read up on risk management and some of the more managerial stuff, along with compliance topics, as they relate to infosec. Not necessarily even relating to a pentest, either, which seemed odd. I will also say that if I hadn't also done my Linux+ and CCNA, I would have had issues with some of the questions.

All in all, know the major tools they cover, *especially* NMAP, Nessus, Netcat, and the basic Windows CLI commands.

Hopefully this helps anybody who's nervous. I'm not gonna lie, I went through several of these posts over the last couple of nights and scared the crap out of myself with what I saw. Don't panic. Read the questions carefully. And good luck.icon_thumright.gif
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