What next after A+?

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Can you tell me what i should do next after getting my A+? All the other Certifications involves networking but i'm not interested in that, is networking the only place to go?


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    What are you interested in?

    If not networking, are you interested in programming, database administration, web design...
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  • fugi1fugi1 Member Posts: 58 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I'm interested in hardware and the OS, does it mean if want to progress i'll have to learn more on Networking?
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    Well, with OSs and hardware you will always have to know something about networking. Nowadays a client that isn't connected to a network or the Internet is considered 'dead'. And all the MS certs (Windows 2000 Pro and XP for example) require a fair amount of networking knowledge. With OSs and hardware there is jsut no way around networking, but you don't have to become an expert.

    Other suggestions would be MOS, MCSD, MCDBA, Server+, Oracle, SUN, Java, Compaq/HP certs (if those still exist..).

    But... how can you not be interested in Networking? icon_confused.gif
  • fugi1fugi1 Member Posts: 58 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I think i just probably find it too difficult, especially that i have only one pc and lack the hands-on experience i need. It's funny because i find everything else on the A+ fairly easy except for the networking bit!
  • WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    Something that isn't interesting can be difficult to learn... you should prevent that from working vice versa: when something is difficult, don't convince yourself it is not interesting. ;) Just start somewhere (our Basic Networking A+ TechNote for example)... perhaps you might start to like it... (this was the case for me, I still love it.)

    Having a job that involves basic networking tasks makes a lot of difference. The hardest thing with networking is to recoginze the essential stuff and skip the details you do not need to know (yet).
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    Personally I'd say Network+ is the logical next step. As Webmaster said, you will have to know something about networking, since almost every machine is networked in some way.

    It won't take a whole lot to create a basic network-- even a Pentium based PC running windows with a NIC will connect to your existing machine. scrounge up some parts (socket 7 mobo with cpu and memory should be easily under $50, etc etc). $100 should be enough to get you going in that direction.

    Networking was my weak point, but I didnt miss a single Q in that domain. Quite frankly, networking is a part of computers and to be successful in the field you have to stay current-- or someone else will.

    Stay on it! Even in networking there are specialized certs available (Cisco, wireless, etc). Expanding your knowledge base will only help you. :)
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    Hmm, fugi1 I was thinking... How about learning linux and try to get a linux+ certifited. Basically linux+ pretty similar to the A+ OS exams. Like installing and configuring the OS and little networking, understanding the command line and so on. icon_rolleyes.gif

    Now if you can try and buy peace of crap pc from a Salvation Army or another thrift store. The price ranges from $20-$60 Guarantee. I have Emachines 400MHZ system, where I can practice linux and networking, but the system only cost me $50 dollars. It just needed some love and operating system. icon_wink.gif
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    networking was one of my weaker areas in a+ too, so i bought a few books on it as i wanted to do network+ next, and they helped. some stuff took a while to sink in, though.

    it's hard to avoid networking in certification. i am studying for 70-210 at the moment and a lot of the stuff in it will need hands-on with a server running active directory services. i am considering eventually going for mcdba status, but microsoft requires candidates take the 70-216 for that which is basically a networking exam.
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  • fugi1fugi1 Member Posts: 58 ■■□□□□□□□□
    thanks guys, i suppose if i'm gonna get anywhere in IT i've got to get my head down and sus out this networking thing.
  • WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. Don't hesitate to ask any questions...
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    Most IT certification deal with how network go around?

    If u don't like networking, you ONLY have few option:

    1> Go to CCDA for design, but still request networking knowledge
    2> Go to Java certification
    3> QUIT
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