Is WGU useful in order to become a System Analyst/Web Developer/DBA/Technical Writer?

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I'm sorry for yet another question about WGU. A little back story about myself: I already have a liberal arts BS degree and a masters degree in library science (which I'm not going to list on my resume to avoid being labeled being "overqualified") and I' am going to be graduating with an AAS in Information Technology in December which my courses have been basically focused on A+ (which I'm studying for), Network+ (which I have recently passed), Security+, intro to Linux, Windows Server. However, I just begun a course in Systems Analysis and I like it. Also, I have been considering going back for either an IT or CIS degree. The other night I talked to a friend and he spoke very highly of WGU and he recommended the school to me but the issue here is he is finishing up his graduate education program, not IT. With all of this being said, I like the idea of applying to WGU but I still have some questions. For one, could I use one of the WGU IT programs to become a systems analyst, web developer, database admin, or a technical writer? I'm not sure what area I want to go into yet but I really would like to work in libraries or higher education professionally.


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    I'm sure a WGU degree would help you as you apply for any of those jobs, but I'm not sure that it would *get* you the job. In fact I don't think that a bachelor's in IT from any school would translate directly into a job... but the WGU degree, and all the other IT degrees out there, would definitely fill a HR requirement for a related four-year degree.

    I have a four-year liberal arts BA degree and I thought about going back for an IT-related undergrad, but eventually I decided it just wasn't worth the time, effort, or money to have two bachelor's degrees.
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    You should seriously stop going to school and just find a job. Systems Analysts are typically expected to be subject matter experts, which means lots of practical experience in implementation for a certain subset of technology. Experience is pretty much the only currency for credibility in analyst/architect roles. WGU is really something you should be pursuing when you're already in the field if you lack a degree, your BS is sufficient IMO.

    I don't have a degree and I'm a Senior Systems Analyst for unix/cloud platforms at Oracle fwiw.
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