ITIL - APMG Proctored Exam

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Have just completed approximately 25 hours of study for ITIL Intermediate Service Operation.

I completed the sample papers and got 80% in each.

The great thing about the exam papers is this the following:

1, you can lay the scenario next to the questions (side by side)
2, You can write on the answer sheet with a positive or negative for each statement
3, look at your notes and deduce the 5,3,1, & 0 point answers

I took my APMG proctored exam yesterday and sadly failed with a 50% mark. I found it really difficult as I couldn't use any of the techniques above. With in minutes I felt stressed and on the back foot. My previously successful strategy was out of the window! It doesn't help knowing that if you fail it is going to cost approximately £200 to complete the exam again.

Does anyone have a technique they would like to share that helps with these remote proctored (online) exams.

Much appreciated - Lee


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    Hi Lee

    Sorry to hear you had a disappointing result - we use online exams for all of our intermediate delegates and get some great results, so it's not insurmountable.

    You do need to hold a bit more information in your head with the online exams, so make sure you get to the essence of the question to help you find that key information - what's it asking? what syllabus section is it linked to? what supporting evidence might you need?

    It's a while since I've done an online exam so hopefully some others with more recent experience will be along to help soon.

    Kind regards

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    Thanks Claire that's comforting to know.

    I'm hoping the experience of doing it once will be enough. At least I know what to expect now, albeit at a cost.

    Thanks again - Lee
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