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Hi All,

I have passed my CCNA. i want to prepare for CCNP-security exam. I am new to CCNP. Where should i starts from? I wanted to do self study. do you have any books or any study meterial available for self study?


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    The best place to start looking is Cisco Learning

    CCNP Security - IT Certifications and Career Paths - Cisco Systems

    For books, Cisco Press or for those on a budget Abe Books (second hand, international editions or non-current editions)

    CCNP Security - Cisco Certification - Cisco Press > Certification Info

    AbeBooks Official Site - New & Used Books, Textbooks, & Rare Books

    For video training to supplement your studies, INE, IPExpert & CBT Nuggets. If you're in no hurry, sign up for their newsletters, and wait for them to run their next sale, usually run on US public holidays (picked up a 1 year subscription to IPExpert's full CCAN/CCNP range for $199 last sale (price increase to $499 end of Sept))!

    CCNP Security - INE

    Cisco Security Online Training Videos | CBT Nuggets

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    Thanks for quick answer.
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    Where should i starts from?

    You should start with the CCNA Security, which is the prerequisite to the CCNP Security.
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    So i cant go for CCNP security without CCNA security? or my CCNA routing and switching will work as prerequisite?
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    Unfortunately not, the order is (with prerequisites first):

    CCENT/CCNA Routing & Switching
    CCNA Security (1 subject/exam)
    CCNP Security (4 subjects/exams)

    I know for the old track CCNA Security & CCNP Security (SECURE) were very similar in content (just greater depth), making it an ideal next step, not sure about the new track.
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    Thanks for answer Azaguhl. Another question, so in order for CCNP security exam, do my both ccna route and switch as well as ccna security has to be valid( meaning not expired?) or one of them valid at the time of CCNP security exam is ok? My ccna route cert expire on 2016. If I give CCNA security in 2015 and then CCNP 2016, will that work? I am working as security engineer so doubt if I get chance to get ccna security and CCNP security within a year.
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    All that information is available on the Cisco website... But here's your pre-chewed answer.

    If you do CCNA Security, that renews your CCNA as well for 3 years. Doing any CCNP exam will renew the CCNA as well... As long as you keep current on any of their paths, all your certs are renewed. I have CCNA, CCNA Security and CCNP, and I will do CCNP Security next year to renew/maintain all of them.
    Current: VCAP-DCA/DCD, VCP-DCV2/3/4/5, VCP-NV 6 - CCNP, CCNA Security - MCSE: Server Infrastructure 2012 - ITIL v3 - A+ - Security+
    Working on: CCNA Datacenter (2nd exam), Renewing VMware certs...
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    Much the same pre-chewed answer...

    It really mostly boils down to: any higher level exam recertifies your lower certifications, and extends the clock on them...

    My example
    1. 2007 December
      • Pass CCNA (expires 2010)
    2. 2009 June
      • Pass CCNA Voice (renews CCNA till 2012)
    3. 2010 Apr
      • Pass CCNP Voice [CVOICE] (renews CCNA & CCNA Voice till 2013 Apr)
      • starts 3 year clock to complete CCNP Voice (2013 Apr)
    4. 2010 Jul
      • Pass CCDA (renews CCNA & CCNA Voice till 2013 Jul)
    5. 2011 Mar
      • Pass CCNP Voice [CIPT1] (renews CCNA, CCNA Voice & CCDA till 2014 Mar)
    6. 2013 Feb-Apr
      • Pass CCNP Voice [CIPT2, CAPPS, TVOICE] (renews CCNA R&S, CCNA Voice & CCDA till 2016 Apr)
      • starts 3 year clock to complete any CCNP or CCIE level exam to stay certified
    Hope this helps...
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    That information helps!! Thanks Guys!

    I am looking online for CCNA-security materials and finding lot of things. Can you help me what are the official course content for CCNA-security? some reference guides and materials will be helpful.

    Again thanks in advance!
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