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In a prior post, I shared my FOR508 experience with with Alissa Torres and I am happy to report I have passed my exam (after failing the 1st attempt)!!!! I want to share some tips on what I did to pass and help those that need a little boost. Index: I already have a relatively useful one to start with, but what added were (1) items that showed up in my practice exams (2) made each entry a bit more comprehensive by giving it context (3) a tools only index that had a description of what they did, pros, cons, highlights and switches (4) pages that I knew would be referenced, such as headers/charts/diagrams (5) have a quick ascii-hex-decimal **** sheet. Testing: if you went thru the material, you should be able to eliminate at least two wrong answers. This strat won't work on questions that have # answers. Time mgmt is crucial, as I also didn't have enough time (both times). When you are behind, make some educated guesses on questions to gain back the time. I didn't have any prior forensic experience and did not take 408. That was my mistake, but the test can be crushed! Knowing all your tools is vital. Especially the output it gives out and the input it takes in. I can't stress that enough. The smart questions to skip are those with pages of output as those require more time to analyze. Onto GCIH and beyond!


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