Should I deviate from my study plan?

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As my resolution goes, I devise my study plan and have been working on it to acquire IT Security knowledge and achieve relevant certification in this field. I'm quite happy and satisfied with my progress so far. But recently, my company, especially my boss hinted to us that we are to go big in virtualization (VMware), and wants the rest of us to be more involved in the operation (we already have a group of a few colleagues who are specialized in this area and have been converting physical backend servers into VMware clients).

Although I have done VCA-DCV certification, but I don't consider myself very well versed in virtualization. So in order to support my boss decision, should I deviate from my study plan and go for VMWare study courses and certification instead? To be frank, I really don't wish to lose the momentum I'm gaining for IT Security. Hence I like to hear the opinions from you guys to make my decision. Thanks in advance.


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    We are missing a ton of specifics here... What is your role and day to day activies with the company? Are you given time to study at work on the clock and he would rather you use that time to study virtualization? Will the company pay for any study material, exam fees, time away from work to take the exam? Will the company send you to VMworld?
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    Follow your interests, if you like IT Security keep going for it. Of course learn enough to be a valuable asset in your current role and keep pace with changes but you should always pursue your passion. -Good luck!
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    I am not in IT yet so please accept that as my disclaimer.

    I would be hesitant to change my personal goals for the companies interest.
    You just don't know what benefit you will gain but you will always remember what you gave up.

    Without knowing anything additional I would suggest you learn everything you can on the job to excel with the VM stuff. But at home keep learning for yourself and your personal goals.

    Good Luck.
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    I would stay with security personally. It looks like you are getting prepped up for the CISSP, it looks like you have invested quite a bit of time in something. I personally think you should stay the course and focus on what you like. Don't get me wrong I am an opportunist and will learn as much as I can when tasked to do something either business, process or technology. But that doesn't mean certifications. I will say though it is much easier for me to certify in something that I am interested in and actively participating in. Either way it's a good problem to have.
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    chopstickschopsticks Member Posts: 389
    To iBrokeIT, a little of my job role can be found here:


    To iBrokeIT, 10Linefigure, Jon_Cisco, and N2IT,

    Yes I think you guys are correct, because after I re-read my own thread, I decide to stick with my plan.

    Thanks to all of you guys!
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