Anyone read the Sybex CEH Study Guide for version 8?

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Hi all
I am planning on taking the CEH exam in the next few months. I have a security+ but have probably considerable knowledge in InfoSec from personal interest and just playing around with many tools etc.
Last week i purchased the sybex ceh v8 study guide as i have always thought highly on the sybex books. I must admit that i have nearly finished the book and it seems really easy so i am starting to question the content of the book and how it maps towards the exam? has anyone read this book and if so how well does it relate to the exam.
Also passing all the practice tests that come with the book with 90%+


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    I'm not able to answer your question directly, but maybe my experience will be helpful. I used Matt Walker's CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide, Second Edition. If I would have relied solely on that, but I would not have passed the exam. I read the entire book, thought I was ready to go take the exam, but then I did the Boson practice exam and realized there were a lot of things not covered in the book I read.

    I know this doesn't answer your question about the Sybex book, but I guess the point I'm trying to make is I don't think I'd feel comfortable taking this exam using only one source as learning learning material, unless it was the official EC-Council training material (like through their iClass).
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    Thanks for that, i am planning on getting the Matt Walker book when its released here in the UK next month as an extra course ( i do try and get 2 separate sources for an exam ). You mentioned Boson exams , i only came across them a couple of days ago and did a demo , i got some really random question which definitely have nothing to do with Pen testing/ethical hacking , did you find the Boson exams useful and aligned with the exam objectives ?
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    I think for the most part it asked questions that aligned with the exam objectives. I got a few questions in there that didn't, but there wasn't that many. I'm pretty sure I even got a few questions on the real exam that was worded exactly the same (or very similar) on the Boson exam. In my opinion, I think it's a good resource to use to see if you're ready to take the real exam.

    If you're scoring at least a 80+ on the Boson exams on the first or second attempt (anything after that, it's too easy to memorize the answers, so it can give you a false sense of security) you should be ready. In addition to Boson, I used the practice exam from the Matt Walker's CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide book (not available on the electronic version though). If you can pass both of those, then I think you'll be ready.
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    cheers much appreciated .
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    Sybex book is a good read so far.
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    so finished the sybex goob.very good and easy read. Have just started the CEH all in one book ( matt walker) and on chapter 3 and so far i am not impressed. Just seem to be finding hard to read ( nearly putting me to bed). Ill let everyone know what i think and how it relates to the Sybex book when i have finished it.
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