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I took a practice test for 504 I did ok...but that is not why I came. I went through these questions(all of them) on the practice test then I hit up my index and find the question just about the same if not the same wording in the book. I seen a question with a llinux output hit up the index jump to the book and the command is on the page..the question is, on the exam are the questions this easy to find on the exam?????? Or the practice test are designed to give you a sense of "hope" ??


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    There may be some questions for which the answers are relatively worded nearly identically from the courseware, regardless of whether it's the practice version or the real thing. In my experience, the more recent exams these sort of questions are becoming rare and rather more analysis-based (which is a good thing). I think the exam writers tend to reference the courseware heavily and may end up relying on the same verbiage.
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    Thanks for the response. The instructor said more than once that the exam comes from the book and everything you need to pass is in the book not saying people dont fail because that would be false but I do believe they are at the very least giving you the foundational knowledge (books) to pass. I read a comment somewhere on this forum on someone who talked about skipping the analytical based questions for time reasons. I do admit they took more of my time from the practice exam. But I Will also say if you were alert in class and wasnt trying to "compromise" everyones computer and read the book page by page. ..the average guy/gal should be able to eliminate 2 of the wrong answers
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