Question about configuring a 1720 w/ 12.2 ios

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Cisco 1720 Router
1 WIC-1ENET Wan Interface
8 mb Flash and 32 mb Ram

IOS 12.2(4)T3, IP/FW/IDS (IP / ADSL / Firewall / Intrusion Detection /PLUS / IPSEC 3DES)

Can this router be configured via a web interface? I assume you can plug it in and get a dhcp address. Than use IE to open a configuration page. Am I on the right path here? I am planning on using this on a residential RR connection


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    I'm taking a day off from studying for the CCSP exams, and I'm drinking beer. And I haven't had dinner yet. So everything I tell you could be wrong.

    Q: Can the router be configured by a web interface?

    Yes, if it has been configured with the ip http server command. If authorization has been configured, you need to know the password.

    Q: I assume you can plug it in and get a dhcp address.

    Sure, if the interface(s) have been configured with ip address dhcp (ios 12.something or greater), and you have a DHCP server on your local network.

    Q: Am I on the right path here?

    A: Um, sure, if the router has previously been used in the exact configuration you want to use, and you know any configured passwords.

    NOTE: If the router has no configuration, or has a configuration for a different purpose, or you don't have any passwords that may have been configured, then you need a console cable to attach to the router and you need to do password recovery. Then you need to configure the router to do what you want.

    So, to summarize, if magic happens, things will work as you want. In real life, you may have to work at it, but yes, that router can eventually do what you want.

    Is this 1720 the beginning of your study for the CCNA?
    :mike: Cisco Certifications -- Collect the Entire Set!
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