ITIL exam code confusion

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I'm planning to write ITIL foundation certificate exam. when I searched, I found pearson vue exin has the exam but they don't have exam code mentioned instead it is showing "ITIL-Foundation: ITIL ® Foundation (2014 > prices)". Pearson vue peoplecert is also offering with no exam codes. In prometric , they offer as ex0-001 ITIL Foundation syllabus 2011. But I got materials from my friends in which it is mentioned ex0-117. I'm really confused which one to choose and also want to know whether everything is same or different (syllabus/questions).


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    117 or 001 are the same, but different exam codes
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    Ok.what about pearson exin? Is it same as 001?
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    All I know is that I sat for the exam through Prometric Exin and my exam code was EX0-001
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    I have gone to prometric exam center and got the voucher.After that they said that prometric does not conduct ITIL and I have to attend via pearson vue. So,I want to know whether prometric exin ITIL ex0-001 is no longer available or it might be to that centre. Also , about the pearson exin ITIL exam compared with prometric.
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    I have a question as I will register for the exam through and the only Foundation exam is listed as "ITIL Foundation in service management = PR000373". Does anyone know if this is the EXO-101 exam? I am not able to find anything about this on the Internet. It looks like every certification vendor has different coding, which is really stupid. I want to sit for EXO-101 and offers me "PR000373", at the same time my local certification centre offer me "ITF" and they also have no idea if this is EXO-101. Why does it have to be so difficult?! Please help, I do not want to sit for the wrong exam.
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