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I was asked a question a few days ago and I don’t know if I over analyzed it or what but the question was “You need to set this up for the shortest number of hops and the best bandwidth.” I ask a few questions but I couldn’t really get a answer from them on their goals and I brought up Policy routing and it was a vague no they don’t want that configured. I more looking for which book or Cisco document that can be found in.


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    The question doesn't really make sense. Besides, if you have links of different speeds, let's say that the Ethernet links are 100 Mbps and the serials are 1.544 Mbps, bandwidth and hop count could be mutually exclusive goals. With default configuration both EIGRP and OSPF will avoid paths that include the slow serials like the plague.
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    I agree it doesn't make sense. It like they left off part of the question or just got confused on their question. Since they had other vendor router in their network Eigrp unequal load balancing probably wouldn't be a answer.
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