GSEC Pass!

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Took the SANS SEC401 class at the end of July, and sat for the exam today. It was defintiely not an easy exam even with it being open book. I completed the exam in 4.5 hours and ended up with a score of 93%! I was aiming to get above a 90 so I am very excited.

Overall the test was very fair. My word of advice for future test takers is to make a good index and tab the main sections of each book.

I will probably look at SEC503 or 504 next.


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    Congrats! I passed GSEC back in June and I'm now nearing the end of my 503 GCIA studies and a little personal advice from me...Go straight to 504 GCIH studies, GCIA is a beast man and from scanning Book 1 and 2 of 504, it looked much easier to digest and relatively familiar to me. I personally wish I had tackled 504 before 503, good luck.
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    Congrats on the GSEC pass, no doubt a lengthy exam and brain stretch.

    On going for 503 vs. 504, I think this depends on what your background is. I personally finished the GCIA exam in under two hours while the GCIH took a little longer. The GCIH was easier in some respects for me, but there was some level of existing subject familiarity for me on the GCIA which allowed me to get through it pretty quickly. I scored the same on both exams.
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    Congrats ! Did this a year ago. No doubt a stretch for the fickle brain !
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    Thanks guys. I just applied for another workstudy for next year. I put 503 as first choice as I feel it will help my day to day a little more that 504. Hopefully I get accepted again icon_lol.gif
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    Ya man, nice work! GSEC was my first exam and it was a lot of information.
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