DevOps Engineer vs Site Reliabilility Engineer

I work at a startup and my bosses have decided to change my title and have asked me to give it a thought
The below is the job description.*

• Green Field Development of Amazon Web Services Infrastructure
• Custom system integration work with frameworks such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Salt Stack
• Providing Systems Engineering services to a number of different internal and external customers
• Delivering customer migrations to the cloud – predominantly Amazon Web Services, including related scripting and system integration work.

I now have a title of DevOps Enineer. They are looking to change it to Site Reliability Engineer.

Suggestions and advice welcome. If you think both the titles are not correct. You may comment with a suggested title.

I am there for the learning and the experience. If the title gives me extra weight to my resume and make it sound cooler on a business card it would be awesome !
Work In Progress - RHCA [ ] Certified Cloud Security Professional [ ] GMON/GWAPT if Work Study is accepted [ ]


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