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Anyone have an in at this company? I saw a good position, but from what I hear its very difficult to come in from the outside.


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    The VP for Space Systems lives across the street from me. What group are you trying to get to?
  • SephStormSephStorm Member Posts: 1,732
    Cyber (I suppose thats what they call it.) It would be an intrusion analyst position.
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    I don't see a problem getting into the company just be aware if this job is associated to a federal/DOD contract.
  • SephStormSephStorm Member Posts: 1,732
    It likely is. I just need the chance to talk to someone, get some "face time".
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    In the past, I literally applied for hundreds of jobs that I was more than qualified for, worldwide, and never heard back, not one peep. Just a black hole for me. I did manage to get a job w/ CSC applying through their site, as a contractor in Germany, but that's the only success I have EVER had with the biggest DoD contractors... and by success, I mean any kind of response/acknowledgement/interview.
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  • SephStormSephStorm Member Posts: 1,732
    I hear ya. I did hear back from Lockheed, though for a different position than the one I applied for. I'd really like this Raytheon position though.
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    interviewed at Raytheon, they are kinda the same to other DoD contracting agencies. Some positions pay high due to the award being high, and other not so much. Its not to hard to get into Raytheon in the DC area, but in other areas not so sure. They are big on degree's so any higher education you have counts towards getting more money, even the degree type. I knew 2 people working the same linux admin job 1 guy had a engineering technology degree, and another person had an engineering degree from the same school, and the pure engineering degree was on a higher payscale than the other guy even thou they did the same job, so he could literally never make more than him unless he had a big jump up the "technologist" pay scale.
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