How did you satisfy your CEU for Sec+

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I took and passed the so-called lifetime Sec+ cert, then CompTIA and the DOD impleted the CEU requirement. I took a class that was eligible for 40 units. I had planned to get 9 units for work experience. You need a written statement from your employer on company letterhead. I contacted my former employer and the supervisor I worked for is no longer with the company, so they won't provide the letter. So I am stuck comming up with 10 units. I have read the ways you can satisfy this requirement. Like writing or reading blogs, etc. Has anyone actually met this requirement?


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    I just meet my requirements recently. You can attend webinars from select providers such as Cisco or other vendors. Check the CEU approved activity chart for other activities you can do.
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    I did go to the activity chart. The webinar thing seems sort of sketchy to me. For example, we will be implementing SELinux soon. I have been searching for online tutorials. I found a YouTue presentation on it, given by Red Hat, would that qualify?
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    It has to be a live webinar. It cannot be a YouTube video. Also keep in mind as I mentioned, it has to be by a preapproved vendor.
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    I did a few of the SANS institute webcasts and a few security courses offered by HP (unfortunately for employees only). They're about an hour long and all you have to do is follow the CompTIA guidelines to get credit. You will basically have to write a short summary about the webcast and upload it on your certmetrics site.
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    If you have access to the above site, you can find classes that satisfy the CEU requirement. I was already pretty close having taken an online courses from Fort Gordon. The VTE put me over the top.
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