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I came across this 5 month program located in California and it seemed interesting. Has anyone ever heard of it, and if so, does the program teach as much as they portray?

I ask because it states they accept the GI bill and voco rehab, and it could fill some knowledge gaps I have from being in the military. Thanks!
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    At $49,500 to cram you full of info over five months, I would pass. You can learn a lot of this stuff on your own.
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    Yeah, 50K to work with a "digital tutor" for most of the day, no thanks. They say they'll take people with no It experience to 65K average salary in 5 months, smells like another place setup to milk the GI bill benefits.
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    "Our school creates expert System and Network Administrators, men and women responsible for corporate computers and networks. These professionals are in high demand—today there are 200,000 job openings nationally, the field is growing rapidly, and good ITs are rare—the average IT salary is over $74,000, IT managers, $135,000."

    Really? It does not say anything about experiences in the field that required to make that much money. One thing about IT field is EXPERIENCE EXPEIRENCE and EXPERIENCE. It is false avertising, also it does not provide any accrediation through vocational, national, or regional accrediting agancy that recorganized by the Departmen of Education or CHEA. $50,000.00 for the tution, but ending up with entry level IT certifications. I would not recommend it.
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    Can somebody enlight me? Acuitus claims to be DoD and VA affiliated, partnership, recorgnized, or whatsoever. Howver, I did an inquiry in the VA training program database, nothing was coming up.

    URL: WEAMS Public

    I di an inquiry on; there was one.
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    Found some stuff here:

    VA Center for Innovation

    There's a thread on the SpiceWorks board about this including a few who allegedly went through the program. Even the CEO chimed in defending the "school". Very strong criticism and defense. Interesting read.

    Having said that, the cost makes zero sense as well as the completion time.
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