Web hosting/ web server certification questions

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To work in a field involved with web hosting or server administration what certifications would be recommended to focus training on? Anyone who works in a field like these can you tell me what a typical day is like? What knowledge is necessary to be very marketable in these IT fields?


  • santaownssantaowns Member Posts: 366
    Are you trying to start a company or are you looking to join a current company?
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    Definitely would be looking to join a company at this point
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    Not sure certifications have that much weight in that sort of job but I would venture to guess the best cert for most hosting companies would be Linux+. A strong understanding of Linux, apache, mysql would be the most likely requirements. Many hosts also provide windows hosting so knows Windows Server, IIS and MS SQL would be good for those jobs.
  • santaownssantaowns Member Posts: 366
    LINUX LINUX LINUX and more LINUX. Have an understanding of DNS (BIND mostly), APACHE, CPANEL, PLESK, WHM, SQL(mysql usually but postgre as well) and IIS.

    New Technical Support Team Members | Inside InMotion Hosting this company has a good training program, but unless your local they wont give you a job. I would use this program to at least make yourself familiar with the process. Other hosting places godaddy, rackshack etc also hire but it is almost always local people.

    There is no 1 cert that will get you a webhosting job, but if you use studying for webhosting you can get exposure to quite a few domains of IT that will lead you to your calling in IT. Good luck. If you have further questions feel free to PM ME i used to run a webhosting company.
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