What does Google Apps generally mean?

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I am working on my materials for a local government IT job and the job description mentions "Google Apps." Do Google Apps generally mean Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive or something else completely?


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    I would think that it refers to anything created by Google that comes on your Android device or that can be found in the Google Play Store.
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    That probably refers to deployment or administration of Google Apps for Business for an organization such as creating and maintaining users, groups, contacts, maintaining hangouts and google+, gmail routing and configuration, mobile and Chromebook management, etc, etc.
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    My last government job transitioned from Lotus Notes to Google Apps. Google Apps is the commercial version of gmail and the rest as you asked.

    Unless it specifically says you have to be a Google Apps admin, it's probably telling people how to use gmail while breathing at the same time.
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    A google apps admin is like a sharepoint/exchange admin in terms of functionality.
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